Instructions for Endodontic Treatment

Here in Fort Worth, we understand that undergoing root canal therapy, an apicoectomy, or another endodontic procedure is a big commitment, which is why our team does its best to help you be a fully informed participant every step of the way. Below, you can find tips and guidelines for how to best handle yourself before and after your actual treatment, as well as possible situations that could occur afterwards you should be aware of. If you’re in need of further instruction, simply contact Premier Endodontics today to talk to one of our dedicated team members. We look forward to improving your oral health and happiness!

Before Your Endodontic Treatment

General Home Care

Potential Concerns Following Treatment

If you experience post-operative discomfort or sensitivity that isn’t being controlled by medication and doesn’t improve over time, please contact our Fort Worth practice as soon as possible for experienced help from Dr. Joseph Creasy and our other team members.